The Show At May Bar Was Lit!

It's almost 2 pm in the afternoon and I am still coming down from the high of yesterday night's show. As I write this, my head is heavy, my ankles are burning, and my mind has become a theater, repeating every piece of yesterday in my head. Yesterday's show was a long time in the... Continue Reading →


Surprise! The music video for "You & Me" is here! ♥ You & Me - Yaba Angelosi ft amanie illfated Written by: Yaba Angelosi, amanie illfated Produced by: Assida Records Recorded by: Brandon Metcalf of Destiny Nashville Mixed by: Assida Records Other credits: Dylan of Destiny Nashville Video production by: MC2 Music Media Clothing &... Continue Reading →

Back to Fashion!

November became a month of fashion for amanie illfated with 2 great charitable fashion events! The Launch of UNITY ONE / The Faces of Change (Founded & Created by Nalini Singh) took place in Hamilton, Ontario. DJ's Paul Alfano (MPE Project), Rob Daboom (Marrs Barrs) and Marc Pompeo received awards for their charitable work at... Continue Reading →

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