Who is amanie // illfated?

Over the years, you've seen the face, you've heard the music and maybe got a glimpse into my life with posts on social media. It's time to know the story behind the music! Here is the documentary I did with MC2 Records!     Video/Audio by MC2 Records (Matt Makarenko & Darnell Koch) Photographer: Hugo... Continue Reading →

First Vlog of 2016!

The past few months have been absolutely crazy and there really hasn't been much time to write anything out BUT there is always time to do a quick vlog! Check it out below: amanie.xx

Another Month of Chaos!

I couldn't even think of a better title to label the roller coaster of a month that has gone by! 1. It's Time To Show More Love: The world was stunned by the senseless shootings that occurred in just one weekend: one man shot and killed singer Christina Grimmie and another killed 50 people and... Continue Reading →

Tropical Vibes and NYC

I finally had a chance to sit in front of a computer and keyboard and realized that it has been well over a month since I last had a chance to post! A lot is brewing for the summer, which I know you will all be excited about. Here are some highlights of the past weeks:... Continue Reading →

Saying “I’m Okay…”

We say this all the time - to our families, to our friends, to our bosses, to our lovers, to our doctors...   The majority of the time before we say "I'm okay", we've actually pinpointed the exact word that we feel. Sometimes the word is helpless, exhausted, unsure, scared, nervous, depressed, or anxious. Sometimes,... Continue Reading →

The Madness Called March

Quite a month has flown by, sparing little time to lounge around and soak it all in! 1. Showcase Feature in Canadian Musician Magazine I must give a massive thank you to Canadian Musician Magazine for having me as showcase feature for the March/April edition! I've been containing the excitement for a little while now,... Continue Reading →

An In Depth Podcast with DHarmonic Evolution!

Everyone kept telling me I wouldn't make it. But I pushed through. I recently did a Podcast interview with DHarmonic's Kevin O'Conner, where we went in detail about my musical starting, inspirations and how I feel about the snow... You can hear it all here: xx. amanie

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