An In Depth Podcast with DHarmonic Evolution!

Everyone kept telling me I wouldn't make it. But I pushed through. I recently did a Podcast interview with DHarmonic's Kevin O'Conner, where we went in detail about my musical starting, inspirations and how I feel about the snow... You can hear it all here: xx. amanie

Happy Holidays!

Wishing everyone a happy, safe and exciting holiday!!! I'll be here following my typical holiday tradition - working on stuff to share with you guys! Much love! ❤ amanie. xx


That would be the best word to say after a CD release party! I have to give a big shout out to everyone at Cavern Pub (@HITorontoHostel), Thane (@thanemusic), and DJ Wallet (@Eric_Wallet) for a wonderful show and for everyone that came out to celebrate the event! Here are some shots from the day: amanie. …

thank you!!!!

This album could not have been released without support from these amazing people! Sending out love to all of you! Ps. See you at the CD Release on Saturday! Thank you note: In the years it took to make this album, I've come realize that passion, skill and resources did not make this happen. This …