I am ready to start another year with you!

It’s so hard to believe that another year with you has lapsed! The year 2016 (despite all of the tragic and unbelievable moments) was an absolutely pleasant time spent with you and it was even greater to be able to venture out and meet many of you at shows and events!

I have to thank everyone for sticking around during this ride and remaining positive and supportive! I’m wishing you all a wonderful, love filled year that gives you strength and resources to accomplish all that you dream of!

2017 is going to be massive…
So please: hang tight and prepare for success after success after success!
x0x amanie

Back to Fashion!

November became a month of fashion for amanie illfated with 2 great charitable fashion events!

The Launch of UNITY ONE / The Faces of Change (Founded & Created by Nalini Singh) took place in Hamilton, Ontario. DJ’s Paul Alfano (MPE Project), Rob Daboom (Marrs Barrs) and Marc Pompeo received awards for their charitable work at this event, and everyone was treated to a lovely fashion with local designers! Sending out a big thank you to Sadi Johnson of Phresh Empire for the beautiful dress!

Photo by Shelley Cameron
Photo by Shelley Cameron


Photo by Shelley Cameron
Photo by Shelley Cameron


The following week was the Love at Heart Fashion Show, a benefit show to help those affected by hurricane Matthew in Haiti. Numerous designers got together to put on an incredible showcase of African clothing. Designers included Lexynelle Reveur and Sadi Johnson of Phresh Empire.

Photo by Captive Camera
Photo by Captive Camera
Photo by Captive Camera
Photo by Captive Camera
Photo by Krystal Clear Images
Photo by Krystal Clear Images


Stay tuned for more events!

Feeling the One Drop & amanie illfated Set Cameron House on Fire!

There’s no denying that the heat was on last Saturday night at Feeling the One Drop’s Album Release Party! Cameron House guests were treated to over 20 talented musicians from around the world, and each and every single one contributed to one hot night!

Thank you to everyone that made it out and an even bigger thank you to Feeling the One Drop for their hard work in putting this show together!

Watch amanie illfated’s set here (Facebook Live Video taken by Mario Cufino of Word Up Toronto):

Also, Paul de Burger captured the night on camera. Check out some of the highlights of the night here:










See you at the next show! ❤

Who is amanie // illfated?

Over the years, you’ve seen the face, you’ve heard the music and maybe got a glimpse into my life with posts on social media. It’s time to know the story behind the music! Here is the documentary I did with MC2 Records!



Video/Audio by MC2 Records (Matt Makarenko & Darnell Koch)

Photographer: Hugo Martinez

Letter to Myself by amanie illfated, Nathan Bishop
Everything’s Okay by amanie illfated
The Ship by amanie illfated
You&Me by Yaba Angelosi & amanie illfated

Feeling the One Drop (Band):
John Varcoe, Oz Saunds, Kevin Howe & Skip Viitala

Another Month of Chaos!

I couldn’t even think of a better title to label the roller coaster of a month that has gone by!

1. It’s Time To Show More Love:

christina-grimmie-gives-her-fans-sneak-peek-cliche-her-birthday-alt - Copy 13450299_874275072678607_3090670248040169745_n - Copy

The world was stunned by the senseless shootings that occurred in just one weekend: one man shot and killed singer Christina Grimmie and another killed 50 people and injured dozens.

This had me reeling and concerned. I’ve never experienced anything to that extent, but to think that someone could just walk right up to you at/during/after a show and just shoot you? Artists give their energy to fans in hopes that they build and grow. This is not how the energy should be put out.

And to think that you could be celebrating one minute and clinging on to or lose you life the next minute is unfathomable. I still can’t wrap my head around it.

My thoughts and prayers are to everyone affected by these incidents; families and friends who lost their loved ones, those who have been injured and those who have been struck by fear due to these instances. Hate and fighting is not the answer against these types of incidents. This is a time where we need more understanding, acceptance and love so we can overcome all of the pain and hate that we have all been affected by.

2. Ultimate Candy Video:


MC2 Records and I are getting closer to releasing the music video for my latest single “Ultimate Candy”! We had an excellent shoot filled with balloons, lots of pink and of course, a ton of Candy! Stay tuned!

3. Reach for the Stars Boat Cruise:


If you couldn’t make it to the boat cruise, I will say it bluntly: you missed a wonderful time! I have to give a big shout out to Joan Hindes for putting together such a great show, the DJ and the Yankee Lady 3 Boat Crew, but most of all… the wonderful people that sailed along for this spectacular event! Make sure you are there for the next one!

4. MMVA’s:

13501877_10157024846510357_3375873890935825312_n - Copy 13501613_10157024854120357_4308908526659118245_n

This city experienced the stars aligning – on stage and in the sky! I absolutely loved Hedley’s performance, Alessia Cara was wonderful and I was glad that Desiigner managed to get out of the audience after that dive! It was a full moon, with Mars and Saturn and Pluto in the sky on a summer solstice with the wonderful Andres by my side and a really great show just before me.

5. Beach time!:

13442326_10157024930340357_1003888083833665164_n - Copy

One does not simply start off the summer without a beach! I had to make sure to soak in some rays, enjoy the hot sand, and relax in between shows, practices/rehearsals, work and chaos!

By the way, Yaba Angelosi and I have a song that will heat your summer up for sure!

Tropical Vibes and NYC

I finally had a chance to sit in front of a computer and keyboard and realized that it has been well over a month since I last had a chance to post!

A lot is brewing for the summer, which I know you will all be excited about. Here are some highlights of the past weeks:

1. Tropical Vibes with Feeling The One Drop:

I can’t thank these guys enough for collaborating with me and creating such a wonderful show. It was my first time performing at the central and it was HOT! New music, hot sounds, beautiful people – what more do you need from a show? Oh, also a massive shout out to my friends and #1 fans, Willy and Shaun for coming out to support me and many other musicians including the gorgeous Lilly Mason!



2. Accessories The Show in New York City:

Occasionally, I get to rep some amazing brands and companies. Repping large Raffia Hats and bags are like icing to an already delicious cake! I never knew the city would be so chaotic, either! From hailing cabs, to fender benders, to amazing food and the most hardworking, beautiful people I’ve ever seen – there was no stopping in the city that doesn’t sleep. Here are a couple shots from the 4 day blitz in NYC:



3. A Music Video is Brewing:

It’s a well known fact that I am always up to something, and the past month was no different. Darnell and Matt of MC2 Records are devising a music video to feed your visual appetite. Check out our selfie and the audio of the track:




4. Rocking Lula Lounge!

I feel fortunate to say that I’ve had the chance to take the stage at many of Toronto’s notorious venues, and Lula Lounge is one of them! Not a lot of shots from the night; the only important thing is seeing wonderful talent, and my favorite friends/#1 fans showing up (Big shout out to Paul and Brent for coming out!).



5. Chilling Out With the Fam:

A lot of family members and friends are either having babies or celebrating birthday. I’m not due in for my own little one for at least another 2-3 years, so don’t get any ideas! But I love my friends and family and I especially love that everyone is expanding and growing. But birthdays and baby showers every weekend? It does leave me feeling a little like…


Saying “I’m Okay…”

We say this all the time – to our families, to our friends, to our bosses, to our lovers, to our doctors…
The majority of the time before we say “I’m okay”, we’ve actually pinpointed the exact word that we feel. Sometimes the word is helpless, exhausted, unsure, scared, nervous, depressed, or anxious. Sometimes, it’s not even a word. It’s just, “I don’t know”.
I’ve said, “I’m okay” on days that I’ve lost loved ones, days that I’ve failed horribly, days that I don’t feel good about myself or after breaking up with someone. I once told a surgeon I was okay while in the ER with a major blockage that could have killed me if I didn’t get there sooner.
Regardless of the truth, “I’m okay”, sounds so much better. I’ve asked myself why I believe this so many times, and realized there is one major reason as to why I do it: to avoid the onslaught emotion-cancelling opinions that follow after you say something other than “I’m okay”.
Have you ever said “I am not feeling well” to your parents, and they say “no, you look fine, you are just lazy and don’t want to go to school. Get up and go.”
Or if you told your gym partner you are feeling a little sick and they say, “no, you are just not motivated enough to be in the gym, get up and go!”
Or told a friend “I’m just feeling really under the weather”, and they just told you “get your head out of the clouds and live life. It’s awesome. We’ll go out and you will forget all of your feelings.”
Sometimes, you tell someone who has believes in something strongly that you are not feeling well, you are anxious or confused, and suddenly, they bombard you with spiritual wellness memes, or tell you to drink a special tea, focus on something else or they tell you that it’s because of the political turmoil in Uzbekistan, because people aren’t valuing Afros, because you voted for Stephen Harper or because Mercury is in Retrograde…
Don’t get me wrong, those are not bad reasons, opinions or solutions. As they say, “to each their own”. But people are sometimes so enamored with beliefs, opinions and solutions that they forget the one thing that people need to open up…
Dr. Venus Nicolino said it best in her YouTube video when she explained that we need to differentiate when people need to be held and when people need to be fed.
To be held:
Show that you are listening, show that you are there for them, show compassion, empathy, understanding. Ask questions to try to understand further. If it calls for it, physically holding someone, holding their hand or hugging someone helps.
To be fed:
Offer a solution, a suggestion, an opinion or a resolution to the problem without shoving it down their throat or force feeding them the idea.
Often times, when a friend is in need, we offer them a solution or enforce our beliefs or opinions on them as if they are incapable of coming to a solution themselves. We love them, and that is why we are giving them a solution right away! Though, we love our ideas and beliefs so much that we forget that other people have their own ideas and beliefs too – maybe they match ours, maybe not.
But we need to remember that we are human first before our beliefs. If we feed the person when it is not needed, we shut down that person. They clam up and it becomes harder for them to come to you and open up next time. They may just try to please you by doing what you are enforcing on them, or accepting what you say. You will see later however, that this can result in resentment and pain.
When you tell someone, “I’m not feeling well”, “I’m a little sick”, “I’m feeling under the weather”, or “I’m nervous”, you are not looking for the person you confide in to call you names, place faults, deny your feelings, or shove their beliefs down your throat. They may just want you to listen.
If they feel you won’t listen to them, they will simply tell you “I’m okay”…
We as humans slip up sometimes, but if we try to just respect others feelings and listen, we can do wonders.
amanie // illfated