Happy International Women’s Day!

Before I was 16 years old, I was growing up in a very strange environment. I was told that being a girl meant doing what you are told, shamefully hiding what makes you a woman and to make sure your aspirations don't conflict with a man or interfere with the inevitable end goal of being... Continue Reading →

You Remember Sara Kardooni, Right?

Years ago, I worked with rising photographer Sara Kardooni on some sophisticated, Rihanna-esque photos... and one of those photos becoming the cover for my single "Letter to Myself". If you don't remember, don't worry! We did it again, this time with wonderful help of make-up artist Carla Marques and with even more sophistication, style and... Continue Reading →

It’s Going To Happen Soon!!!

Time is seriously flying by like wind...   We just rang in the new year and now there are only 3 days left until February arrives and there are less than 20 days until the first show of the year happens!!!   Sadi Johnson, the award-winning designer behind Phresh Empire & Director of Afro Essence, has a great... Continue Reading →

From Canada to Thailand!!!!

The New Year is starting off with a lot of wonderful new things... from new music, to new shows, new shoots and now a wonderful new feature on New Music with Allen Bell on Phuket Island Radio 91.5 & 102.5FM! Please make sure to tune in at 10AM EST this Sunday to catch music and a... Continue Reading →

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