Everything Is Better En Francais!

Sunday's show was quite the experience at Francophonie en Fête!!! Thank you to everyone who came out in the blistering heat for a great afternoon!! ❤ To make things even more magnificent - this Saturday, I will be performing again at Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts for Afro-Caribbean Music Extravaganza at 6PM. It is... Continue Reading →

I have some bad news…

Earlier this week, some bad news broke out... "The African Entertainment Awards which was scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 26 due to unforeseen events, will be postponed until October 2017." It was a little saddening to hear at first since we were all geared up for the highly anticipated event for this Saturday.... Continue Reading →

The Show At May Bar Was Lit!

It's almost 2 pm in the afternoon and I am still coming down from the high of yesterday night's show. As I write this, my head is heavy, my ankles are burning, and my mind has become a theater, repeating every piece of yesterday in my head. Yesterday's show was a long time in the... Continue Reading →

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