Satnam: The Producer Behind ‘The Hills’…

Back in March, AKTVInc asked me if I wanted to join him at a studio out in Brampton. I walked in to 5 Rivers Entertainment not knowing what to expect. I met Satnam and had a chat with him about my upcoming EP SATURN. His energy and honesty was the most refreshing I’ve ever experienced. He got my vision from the start and in a matter of weeks, he took my song “The Hills” and gave it a whole new life and an even deeper meaning! 🙏🏿

He inspires me to not only do better in the studio, but to also do better spiritually, to stay focused and to ‘practice, practice, practice’. 😅

I feel so blessed to have him in my life and I am so excited to show you the new tracks we’re working on!! I’ve never been so confident to say that the new tracks will blow you away!! 🔥

Watch the music video below to hear his production in “The Hills” and make sure to show Satnam and 5 Rivers Entertainment some love! Bless! 🙏🏿

Photo by Jess Burton
RAW Artist Toronto CONNECT Showcase Mod Club Theatre

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