The Power of Sharing Your Story…

I’m currently working on bringing my upcoming EP, SATURN, to life. Normally, when I do my daily review of all the confirmed tracks, I’m notoriously extra critical of sound arrangements, the vocals, and how I will present the song to the world.

This morning was different. Rather than being critical, I actually felt like I was about to bare too much to the world and I felt as if I wasn’t ready. I had a weekend that started out beautifully and ended roughly, with so many mixed emotions and I realized that the entire album is filled with so many of those emotions. The songs that I commit to this EP will literally be the songs that I perform live for the next few years. Throughout the day, I continued preparing for the launch — booking more studio time, approving graphics, arranging the launch party venue — all the while panicking and contemplating scrapping the EP.

I met with a very special person to pick up a media release form (she will be featured in the music video for “The Hills”). Her energy was so lively, and she started to speak about her personal story and the stages in life that we grow out of, and the people we become when we start living in our truth. It was honestly THE talk that I needed to hear after a roller coaster of a weekend and I feel so blessed to have her in my life. Although I’ve realized before that being candid with your story can truly help others and give strength to people, I seem to always forget exactly how strong the positive affects of sharing your story can be.

Ultimately, all of that ‘roller coaster weekend’ stress dissipated pretty quickly and the excitement (and nerves) for SATURN just gets bigger and bigger. I really can’t wait to share it with all of you!


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