Me With My Phone In Hand Is A Common Sighting Now 😓…

Me with my phone in hand is a common sighting now 😓…

It’s been so busy these past few weeks, and it’s only getting busier and crazier with finalising my upcoming EP ‘SATURN’. I find myself on my phone nearly everywhere I go – constantly responding to messages, following schedules, solving issues and drafting things up. Sometimes, I have to refer to my phone just to figure out what day it is and where I am (those that have been working with me: you already know how many times I ask what day it is) 😅…

As satisfying as it is to be laser focused and to watch this project come to life, sometimes I do miss getting together with great friends (both old and new) and just enjoying everyone’s beautiful energy. And (to get really sappy) it’s always a little sad when it’s time to part and continue venturing into our passions. I always hope that we can all create more incredible memories together; that we can all celebrate our successes and be free to fully let loose. It’s gonna happen soon! But until then, just know that I do still love you all, this is temporary and the ‘SATURN’ will totally be worth it 🎉💕…


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