My Very First Solo Performance Was The Worst!

Around 13 years ago, I was 17 years old and had barely been in Toronto for a full year. I had spent years dreaming of performing all the music I had made since I was 12 and I finally got booked for a show with the encouragement of my music teacher. I had to do the show alone – no one to support me or accompany me. I was so nervous, I was shaking, which meant I could barely sing. I eventually froze midway through my first song and broke into tears before the second song could even begin. The crowd and DJ were super kind, but I was mortified!


Fast forward to today – years upon years upon years of practice and I can finally say that I’ve come a long way from my very first performance. I believe a live performance is an energy exchange and the more energy you can generate and give, the more energy you receive. This is why I love the stage and why I love seeing all of you out at shows! I can’t wait to see you at Francophonie En Fete this Saturday!



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