I Woke Up Feeling Extra Blessed Today…

I woke up feeling extra blessed today. At times I feel like I am living in a paradox: everything is falling in line yet all the while simultaneously falling apart. It can become so frustrating dealing with the ups and downs of building a music career – always on the go, barely any sleep, rehearsals, finding solutions to problems, unanswered emails, rejection, etc. It makes it even harder without family around and it can become heart wrenching when people treat you like you are subhuman. It’s always during these times that the most amazing people in my life really come through:


1) those with an ear to listen who give powerful words of wisdom and encouragement


2) those who are so full of love that just make me melt in their presence and of course


3) amazing supporters like you who post positive messages and send love and support


I could never imagine being so blessed! Thank you so much for joining me in this journey!




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