Well, March Flew By Pretty Fast…

March zoomed by so quickly, I don’t even think I saw much of it happen!

It all began in one of my favorite places in the world, New York City, where the second Accessories the Show took place. Aside from lots of networking and meetings, I got a lot of site seeing done and finally got out to Central Park – the one place I had been meaning to go to since watching Cruel Intentions almost 15 years ago.


Once back in Toronto, I had to get down to business… really! Lots of meetings to start planning and getting the album released. Then, bad news came along: the show in Dennis Port, Massachusetts had to be cancelled since there were no flights out. The flight that I had for the morning was cancelled by the airline, which swamped all flights later. All airlines were either overbooked or cancelled due to bad weather. No one was able to fly private either.

I was sad, since I really wanted to see everyone out in Massachusetts but the show will be rescheduled. I got to have dinner with the glorious Nelly Furtado, the humble Emmanuel Jal and the loving Karen Francis of Mathew House at Lalibela instead. Their positive vibes were precious!


More days of planning the album, working with the Karibuni Crew at CIUT FM, dancing with Kristina, taking classes with Sadi of Phresh Empire and helping Batuki Music Society put on the show for MaroCouleurs, who played traditional Moroccan Gnawa music that hypnotized the audience!


An interview I did with Ray Grewal of ScriptPlay.co.uk came out, touching on everything from being a first generation South Sudanese female in Canada to the music that got me through bad breakups and difficult times. This was followed by a saddening interview with Gilbert Ngabo of Metro News about the famine crisis in South Sudan.


African spirits around the world were uplifted when Okavango (an African orchestra with 9 members from 9 countries in Africa) won a Juno for Best World Album of the Year! Nadine McNulty, the host of Karibuni and head of Batuki Music Society, is the manager of the group. It was wonderful watching all their hard work pay off. The Juno weekend in Ottawa was absolutely busy, but was uplifting. I even got to bump into Tasha the Amazon!

There are many new things coming up for April! Stay tuned!


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