Tropical Vibes and NYC

I finally had a chance to sit in front of a computer and keyboard and realized that it has been well over a month since I last had a chance to post!

A lot is brewing for the summer, which I know you will all be excited about. Here are some highlights of the past weeks:

1. Tropical Vibes with Feeling The One Drop:

I can’t thank these guys enough for collaborating with me and creating such a wonderful show. It was my first time performing at the central and it was HOT! New music, hot sounds, beautiful people – what more do you need from a show? Oh, also a massive shout out to my friends and #1 fans, Willy and Shaun for coming out to support me and many other musicians including the gorgeous Lilly Mason!



2. Accessories The Show in New York City:

Occasionally, I get to rep some amazing brands and companies. Repping large Raffia Hats and bags are like icing to an already delicious cake! I never knew the city would be so chaotic, either! From hailing cabs, to fender benders, to amazing food and the most hardworking, beautiful people I’ve ever seen – there was no stopping in the city that doesn’t sleep. Here are a couple shots from the 4 day blitz in NYC:



3. A Music Video is Brewing:

It’s a well known fact that I am always up to something, and the past month was no different. Darnell and Matt of MC2 Records are devising a music video to feed your visual appetite. Check out our selfie and the audio of the track:




4. Rocking Lula Lounge!

I feel fortunate to say that I’ve had the chance to take the stage at many of Toronto’s notorious venues, and Lula Lounge is one of them! Not a lot of shots from the night; the only important thing is seeing wonderful talent, and my favorite friends/#1 fans showing up (Big shout out to Paul and Brent for coming out!).



5. Chilling Out With the Fam:

A lot of family members and friends are either having babies or celebrating birthday. I’m not due in for my own little one for at least another 2-3 years, so don’t get any ideas! But I love my friends and family and I especially love that everyone is expanding and growing. But birthdays and baby showers every weekend? It does leave me feeling a little like…


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