The Show at Hard Rock Was WoW!


I have to say that I have the most amazing fans ever! That is all…

Really, though! I got to see first hand how great and supportive you guys all are and I am truly touched by it! The show at Hard Rock Cafe Toronto on Saturday was an absolute success – so much so that I wish that entire day could be on repeat forever and ever and ever.

I want to give a massive shout out to Sean Hillman of Arya Concerts & Events for putting together such an organized night and all of the staff at Hard Rock Cafe Toronto for their patience and hospitality. Another shout out has to go to Lyse (my assistant for the night) who helped get all attendees involved in the contest, and one massive shout-out out to the ever so sweet and brave Michelle who was my ‘Ultimate Candy’ for the night! 😉

Many of my family and my friends were in attendance: Nico, Katie, Edwin, Mercedes, Alejandro, Willy K, Shaun, Thierno, Troy, Mario, David, Ryan S, Noah & the Queen, Thane EDM and of course, the lovely Andres ❤. I am so happy to have such amazing people backing me up through thick and thin! Thank you so much for coming out!

For those that couldn’t make it out to the show in Toronto, don’t worry! I’ll be back on stage in April!

Ok, time for me to go and relax!

amanie. xx


Photo by Clark Lee

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