thank you!!!!

This album could not have been released without support from these amazing people! Sending out love to all of you!

Ps. See you at the CD Release on Saturday!

Thank you note:

In the years it took to make this album, I’ve come realize that passion, skill and resources did not make this happen. This accomplishment was made possible from the endless energy from God and the continuous belief from those wonderful people in my life. I am dedicated this album to my Aunt Esther – the Wonder Woman who took me in as her own, taught me how to be strong and push for everything that I want in my life. I love her for everything that she has done for me and for helping me grow into the woman that I am today. She never left my side here and has supported me through thick, thicker and thickest without any judgement. A big thank you goes out to Caroline Akwe of LKCollective. She added LIFE to this album with her brilliant production skills and pushed me beyond my limits. She believed in the project from the start and worked overtime to make it happen. Another huge thank you goes out to John Gladwell at SATEC, the teacher that believed in me and showed me all the dimensions of music and the industry. Also, thank you to Mitch Lynas who helped get me into the proper mindset to get my life on track. More thank you’s go out to my family (my dad, my mom, Selina, Emmanuel and Richard), Andres for all the love and helping to put this together, to his mother Sandra for the spiritual guidance, my friends who supported me through this process (James aka Jamz, Mario aka Marz, Paul), Dierdre Mallahe (MDYM) for everything she’s done to create opportunities for me and other artists, the needls. Team for your continuous support (Justin, Michael, Jeremy), Coalition Music, Kuru S, Willy K for being my #1 fan, Thane, Nishan Balakumar & Peter Lengyel. And of course, a massive thank you goes out to YOU for supporting me through all of this!!!

Album Credits:

letter to myself: J. “amanie illfated” Aman (writer,production), N. Bishop (production), D. Klutz (mixing), M.C. Chambert (opera), N. Makambira of Nyasha Music (mastering)

don’t mess with me: N. Balakumar (production), J. “amanie illfated” Aman, C. Akwe of LKCollective(recording,mixing,background vocals)

ultimate candy: J. “amanie illfated” Aman (writer); C. Akwe of LKCollective(production,recording,mixing, background vocals), L. Falls and N. Seo of LKCollective (background vocals), N. Makambira of Nyasha Music (mastering)

triangles, everything’s okay (breathe), break up day, the ship: J. “amanie illfated” Aman (writer), C. Akwe of LKCollective (production,recording,mixing)

Photo by: ZooM’K Photography

Graphic Design by: Tristan Laughton

amanie. xx


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