the past crazy days…

Before I go on about the Hamilton show and the preparation for the album, I must say that my thoughts and prayers are going out to the families of those that have lost their lives over the deadly attacks in the Paris, Beirut and other countries. It angers me that innocent people had to die for a cause that had nothing to do with them. I believe that war should be fought among those that wish to fight and that those that wish not to participate should be spared and left in peace.

The Artists Supporting Artists Showcase a very different experience – my first out of GTA show in nearly a decade! It was wonderful seeing all the bands and artists come out and listen. Here’s a shot from the night:

cshanscomb photography‎
cshanscomb photography‎

In terms of the album: I will admit, I am exhausted by the runaround. Eight months of recording and planning and managing can really take a toll on your health and well being… but the pay off is the best thing a person could ever wish for! The CD release part is this Saturday. There will be lots of surprises… seriously!

photo by: zoom'k photo
photo by: zoom’k photo

amanie. xx

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